The point of sale software is very important in terms of controlling over your business transaction. It helps you to avoid manual conflicts and saves time. With the help of point of sale software, you can prepare critical business report faster. The POS software makes the deal easy for the customer in order to shop with you. The POS system is required for retail stores, from one store to 100 plus.

Softwaresdubai provides you web-based effective point of sale software that makes your business transactions simpler for the customer and brings them back to your store. The software supports PC or Mac, offline or online. We are able to connect popular point of sale equipment along with the facility to integrate various payment providers. Sell your products with our registered POS software that can save touches, swipes and keypad taps. Using the point of sale software can access your popular products much faster.


The important features of our point of sale software are described below

Quick Keys

Boost the checkout speed and create customized buttons for popular products. It can be saved as a template in a retail store.

Customer and product search

With the aid of POS software, you can integrate products quickly through barcode scanner or by typing keywords. Find customers by phone number or by name

Sale notes and line item

Add sale notes on customer receipts to inform the customer about special discounts, care instructions or any other targeted offers.

Gift Cards

Increase the number of customers and accordingly increase the revenue by adding branded and flexible gift cards.

Refund and returns

Arrange your process with flexible refund system and return process.

Store credit

You can bring back your customer to your shop by creating store credit rather than a refund.

Split payments

The software includes split payment system that allows the customer to choose the payment process from many parties.


Labor Supply Software

Starts FROM AED 5999